Some YouTube videos

Almost on a whim, I’ve started re-recording some presentations I’ve done at work on a variety of programming topics, and have uploaded them to YouTube.

I enjoy giving these presentations – you really have to know your topic to be able to effecitvely talk about it in front of people! I plan on recording more, and indeed creating new content just for YouTube.

So far I’ve uploaded:

My channel is here if you want to subscribe to catch new videos as I upload them.

There are few other videos of me speaking at conferences out there too:

Finally, I’ll be talking at GOTO Chicago 2018C++ - the Newest Old Language, where I’ll try and convince some folks who may have given up on C++ that it’s now a really great language to develop in.

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Posted at 19:00:00 GMT on 4th February 2018.

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Matt Godbolt is a C++ developer working in Chicago for Aquatic. Follow him on Mastodon.