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May 2019

Live streaming on YouTube
Join me on YouTube for some live coding!

April 2019

Life update
Some notes on Compiler Explorer's new storage

July 2018

A European Vacation
Some time away, a talk at Avast, and a new job tomorrow!

May 2018

C++Now - trip report
A last-minute decision to head to C++Now ends up with an even-more last-minute talk

April 2018

All change for me
Big news, I've left DRW, have some spare time, and a new job in the summer

April 2012

Good grief, it's been a while!
In which I note the long passing since the previous post

January 2011

Hello Chicago!
The latest updates from wintry Chicago

December 2010

It's nearly time to say goodbye
In which I take stock of 2010, and get ready to leave the UK

November 2010

Goodbye Google!
Goodbye Google

October 2010

An even bigger move
Yet another post and of course another excuse for the gap

July 2010

A big move
Another post, another excuse for the gap between this and the last

April 2010

Baby Godbolt has a name!
In which we reveal our baby's name: Isaac Benjamin.
Announcing a new Godbolt
The happy news of the latest Godbolt to arrive on planet Earth.

February 2010

Windows fails to mount USB drives when they're inserted - a solution
I finally found out why my laptop had lost the ability to mount USB drives

July 2009

Setting up an Android on a UK O2 iPhone contract SIM for MMS
How to set up an unlocked Android phone to use a SIM from an iPhone on O2

May 2009

Honey and Lime - a mobile bar
Seeding Google with a post about a friend's mobile cocktail bar.
Sunday Lunch at the Fat Duck
In which I blow the family fortune on lunch at the Fat Duck. And love it!

January 2009

DIY Plumbing Fail
A story from my Christmas where I had a run in with my heating system
Lord Winston and centenarian nuns
If you want to live a long and healthy life, become a nun.
A belated Happy New Year
Is it 2009 already? How the heck did that happen?

November 2008

November round-up
A very quick round-up of what happened in November.

October 2008

Two weeks in Mountain View
Two weeks away from the family, but with lots of cool tech.
Goodbye ProFactor...
Goodbye ProFactor, hello Google.
A big change coming up for me
A bit of a change coming up for me.

August 2008

Another weekend and some more data recovery
More fiddling in trying to get NTFS disk data back for my Dad.
NTFS data recovery on Linux
Aargh! A broken NTFS filesystem, and recovering it on Linux.
A good weekend
In which I try to be more twitter-like. And fail miserably at: A rather long summary of my weekend.

June 2008

William Anthony Richard Godbolt
On the birth of our firstborn: William Anthony Richard Godbolt.
The beginning of the end for Windows XP
I've finally had enough of Windows and have moved to Ubuntu Linux.

May 2008

Two weeks of relaxing
The end of a lovely two-week break in Cyprus.

April 2008

Spooky coincidences...
There's more than one "me" out there. Spooky indeed.
So that's what we've been up to...
In which I introduce the Xbox Live Arcade game we've been working on: Slam.
This week, I have mostly been...
The worst kind of blog post - a generic update.

March 2008

Plugging for a friend - New Metal Army
A blatant plug for a friend's heavy metal gig website. And talk about finding the sex of babies.

February 2008

Things I learnt about Google last night
The adhesive in their paper cups dissolves in alcohol. And other things.
Challenges, and bits and bobs
An excellent description of the challenges faced by the Human Genome Project. And some miscellaneous other bits.

January 2008

It's a human!
A new addition to the Godbolt clan is announced. Or at least the release date.
Happy New Year
Happy New Year. And an unexpected birthday present.

December 2007

American in bad maths shocker
Google POP3 certificate problem and Thunderbird
A temporary issue with Google's SSL certificates, and a workaround.

November 2007

Me, a name I call myself
English grammar isn't so different from Latin after all.
Poor man's GPS
Poor man's GPS.
A few days of downtime
Oops, it broke...
Linksys Broadband Router DHCP bug
In which I discover a fun bug in Linksys's DHCP implementation.

February 2007

General round up

January 2007

Blatant plug!

May 2006

Clever Dick

June 2005

Hawking gag

April 2004

Blast from the past

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