Another weekend and some more data recovery

This weekend:

So, all in all, pretty damn funky weekend.

The data recovery was achieved in the end by booting a ‘backup’ Windows 2000 ISO on QEMU, and then buying R-Studio Data Recovery and running that on the data. A bit of a disappointment, but I ran out of time either rolling my own or getting either ScroungeNTFS or testdisk to work.

As I write this I’m now waiting for a 150GB file copy from the virtual disk to a cleanly formatted 1TB drive to give to my Dad. Because I’m an idiot, I originally recovered the data onto the virtual disk, and not the final destination.

To add extra fun, rather than copy the data out somehow from the virtual booted Windows 2000, I’m copying using:

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Posted at 22:20:00 BST on 18th August 2008.

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