CppCon 2019 Trip Report

I’m on my way back from the 2019 CppCon conference and my head is buzzing with ideas! What an amazing experience!

The venue

This was the first year CppCon was based out of a new venue, the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora, Colorado. First up: the Gaylord is huge! It was clear we had outgrown the previous venue in Bellevue, but there’s plenty of room to expand at the new venue. This changed the feel of the conference a little: I literally didn’t leave the hotel from Sunday evening through to Friday evening.

Most of the attendees also stayed in the hotel, which meant more opportunities to bump into other attendees. Food was good, but not exceptional, but, boy it was expensive! They know they have a captive audience!

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Posted at 00:00:00 BST on 22nd September 2019.

Compiler Explorer's new state storage

Hello! As of today’s update, Compiler Explorer now has its own storage solution for when you click “Share” and pick “Short” from the dropdown. We used to store all the state in the URL itself, then we used goo.gl to shorten it. When Stack Overflow banned goo.gl, we rewrote goo.gl URLs to be godbolt.org/g/blah, where blah was the bit from goo.gl. So, your data was still stored with Google.

That’s all changed! Now short URLs are derived from data stored on the Compiler Explorer website itself. This has some very important changes:

If you have any issues with the new system please get in contact as soon as possible. You can email me, or tweet at me, or direct message me on the Cpplang Slack.

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Posted at 18:00:00 BST on 18th August 2018.

A European Vacation

It’s been oh-so-quiet here! I’ve been away on a long European holiday, visiting Iceland, United Kingdom, France and the Czech Republic. I’ve had a great time, but haven’t had as much time as I’d like otherwise to work on Compiler Explorer.

Me, explaining something
Explaining some of my views on C++

While in the Czech Republic, visiting the unimaginibly beautiful Prague, I was invited to speak at Avast, the anti-virus company. They have an amazing office and working environment: a music room (and studio), couches everywhere, great food, pinball machines, golf putting courses…you name it! Lovely folks too. In particular, huge thanks to Hana Dusíková for inviting me, and arranging everything and generally making it a pleasure to speak there. She’s now running a regular C++ meet up, which if you’re in Prague you should sign up for straight away!

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Posted at 00:00:00 BST on 16th July 2018.

C++Now - trip report

As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m currently on a break between jobs. With my copious spare time I decided – rather late in the day – to head to C++Now, a C++ Conference held yearly in Aspen, Colorado. Several C++ folks had recommended that I come to it: it’s a smaller and more intimate conference than CppCon.

I was not disappointed! Firstly, Aspen is a beautiful place to hold a conference, although the thin air at 9,000 feet up takes a bit of getting used to.

The Aspen Center of Physics
The conference rooms used for C++Now nestle in a beautiful meadow.

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March update

Compiler Explorer now has a logo!

Compiler Explorer

If you like it and want to support Compiler Explorer, I set up an online shop where you can create your own T shirts, bags, mugs and so on! By doing so you’re supporting Compiler Explorer’s development, as I get a small commission for any sales. Of course, it’s all open source, so you can make your own with the logo too!

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Posted at 23:50:00 GMT on 3rd March 2018.

Some YouTube videos

Almost on a whim, I’ve started re-recording some presentations I’ve done at work on a variety of programming topics, and have uploaded them to YouTube.

I enjoy giving these presentations – you really have to know your topic to be able to effecitvely talk about it in front of people! I plan on recording more, and indeed creating new content just for YouTube.

So far I’ve uploaded:

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CppCon 2017 Trip Report

Until last week I had never been to a C++ conference before. I’m rather glad to say that I’ve now experienced the wonder of having a firehose of C++ knowledge plugged into my brain and turned on.

Most of the best times at the conference were in between talks, where random meetings in the hallways over coffee would yield fascinating discussions. I was flattered to have a fair number of people spot my name badge and come up and thank me for Compiler Explorer – a very surreal experience. I got a tiny taste of what it must be to be “famous”! I also got a lot of advice and ideas on how to improve the site, and once the dust settles a little I look forward to getting stuck into improvements, like more Microsoft compilers (and a better compilation experience for those using it), and execution support.

While the hallway chance encounters (and lunches and dinners) yielded a lot of great conversations, the talks were also full of information. Below is a small taste of some of the talks that left an impression with me:


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Compiler Explorer is now on Patreon!

Today I launched Compiler Explorer on Patreon - a site where one can pledge ongoing donations to content creators.

It was tougher decision than I expected. I spend a fair amount of cash and an awful lot of time on Compiler Explorer, but I’ve always seen it as a hobby. This now puts me a little closer to seeing it as a “job” of sorts. I hope this works out!

If you enjoy using Compiler Explorer and want to help out, please visit the new page on Patreon.

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