A novel way of seeing how much cowboy there is in your plumber?

Here’s an interesting idea on how to get recommendations for suppliers, plumbers and the like — build a web of contacts and their recommendations, and then use that to determine the answer. The theory being, if your mate’s mate’s dad’s workmate recommends someone, they’re probably quite good. I’ve signed up and added a few people (who will no doubt curse me for spamming them, but heyho eh?) — should be interesting to see what if anything comes of it. I won’t be overly surprised to see a burst of activity, and then nothing. If nothing else, it’ll give me an idea of how many people my friends know :) Though in theory isn’t the whole world meant to be less than 6 degrees of separation? So really, I should be able to see the whole internet as ‘friends of friends of friends of friends of friends’. That alone should be quite amusing…

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Posted at 10:20:50 GMT on 11th January 2005.

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