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After a long wait, yesterday we finally took delivery of a cat! The vet finally gave her a clean bill of health, and the NAWT let us take her home!

We’re still trying to think of a name for her, her previous name being ‘Gypsy’, then the staff at the NAWT renamed her ‘Ypsy’ due to a name clash with another cat. She’s not really a ‘Gypsy’ to me, and even though in general I don’t agree with renaming animals, I think we’ll be calling her something similar. Though annoyingly a friend of mine refers to cats as ‘Burpy’ and ‘Burpo’ and stupidly I’ve started calling her that…it’s starting to stick!

The poor thing’s still settling; she’s just about explored the whole house now, but like all cats she’s happiest when she can sit on a window ledge and survey the outside world, without having the discomfort or bother of actually being outside.

Breaking every rule going, we allowed her in the bedroom last night — apart from keeping us awake half the night mewing every hour or so, at about half three she decided to get into bed with us…but not ON the bed like any cat I’ve had before has done, but inside the bed! There she stayed til just a few mins ago when I got up, hiding under the duvet at around shin level! Daft thing; you’d think she’d get gassed with my nocturnal emissions…

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Posted at 08:34:00 GMT on 11th March 2005.

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