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Another six months pass and no updates — I haven’t forgotten about this site, honestly. I’m still hugely busy at ProFactor, working on an exciting new project. It’s all still rather secret, but pending some contracts being signed I should be able to talk at least a little bit about it soon.

Over the past few months my inbox is flooded with spam from the Geeklog blogging system. More and more automated spam attacks are targeting it, both in terms of comment spam and vulnerabilities. Geeklog also eats lots of CPU and disk space with all its many features; none of which I really use either. Luckily, my good friend Malcolm Rowe has been working on a very simple and effective little blogging system, based on MarkDown, SmartyPants, the Electric Template Language and some glue code of Malc’s. Malc is one of the developers of Subversion, and it shows: the system is designed to use a source control system as its database. Obviously it works well with Subversion. Indeed, posting an article is as simple as checking in an article file.

Anyway, hopefully I haven’t broken anything — all the URLs have changed (to more well-designed ones), but there should be redirects for all the previous links. Do let me know if anything’s broken, and hopefully I’ll be able to post more about ProFactor’s latest project soon.

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Posted at 23:05:00 BST on 18th October 2007.

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