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Just found another one of these ‘how would you vote things’ : the Public Whip. Interestingly, it places me even more LibDem! I’m still thinking about it; I used the LibDem’s own Local Income Tax Calculator this morning, and discovered that in my current situation I’d be better off; right up until ProFactor‘s revenue starts coming in — then I’ll be worse off to the tune of £1000!

Still, a local income tax does seem a bit fairer to me than a one-size-fits-all council tax based on the value of your property!

My full results were:

Issue (numbers are from 100% agrees strongly to 0% disagrees strongly)YouLabourTony McNulty (your Labour ex-MP)ConservativeLiberal Democrat
foundation hospitalsNeutral 50%Agree 80% Agree (strong) 100%Disagree 14%Disagree (strong) 6%
student top-up feesDisagree 25%Agree 85% Agree (strong) 99%Disagree (strong) 2%Disagree (strong) 1%
Labour's anti-terrorism lawsDisagree (strong) 0%Agree (strong) 88% Agree (strong) 97%Disagree 15%Disagree (strong) 4%
the Iraq warDisagree (strong) 0%Agree 76% Agree (strong) 100%Agree 71%Disagree (strong) 1%
introducing ID cardsDisagree (strong) 0%Agree 83% Agree 82%Neutral 41%Disagree 13%
the ban on fox huntingAgree 75%Agree (strong) 92% Agree (strong) 89%Disagree (strong) 9%Agree 63%
equal gay rightsAgree (strong) 100%Agree (strong) 89% Agree (strong) 97%Disagree 37%Agree (strong) 89%
Comparison with your opinion: 100% voted same as your view 0% voted opposite to your view Neutral with you 48%Neutral with you 40%Neutral with you 55%Agree with you 84%

So as you can see, quite a good match. Still, something’s nagging at the back of my mind about them, and I can neither place it nor justify it. We’ll see.

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Posted at 12:23:00 BST on 20th April 2005.

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