Plugging for a friend - New Metal Army

Another fairly blatant plug for a good friend who’s been beavering away for the last few months on a great new site. If you’re into heavy metal, and in particular attending gigs, then check out New Metal Army for metal gig information, tickets, venues, reviews and lots more.

New Metal Army is developed in Python, using TurboGears, which makes it pretty cool from a tech perspective too. Well, to me, anyway!

In other news, Ness had her 20-week scan (er, five weeks ago, must update more often) and all’s well on the developing-Godbolt front. We decided not to find out the sex, and now we’re brainstorming names for the littl’un. It’s a lot harder than I thought finding the balance between boring and/or already taken and interesting-but-​gets-the-shit-​kicked-out-of-them-​at-school names.

On the subject of finding the sex of your baby, it’s amazing how polarising a subject that is. It’s like Marmite: people are either detemined to find out or dead set against knowing. Nobody seems to sit on the fence. Ask anyone — even people without kids — and you’re likely to get a very strong opinion on the matter.

Luckily Ness and I both fall into the same camp. We’re looking forward to the surprise and the ability to ring grandparents and friends saying “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl”, which I think sounds better than the rather less exciting “As expected she’s been born”.

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Posted at 12:00:00 BST on 31st March 2008.

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