So that's what we've been up to...

For the last few months I’ve been hinting on and off that we at ProFactor have been working on something we couldn’t talk about. Well, finally, I can reveal what it is — we’ve been creating an Xbox Live Arcade game, and we now have a promotional video:

The game is called Slam (a working title), and is a fast, action-packed fusion of Breakout and Tempest 2000 with a dose of puzzle game in there too. We’ve had an absolute blast making it, and we’re now looking to see if any publishers will take it up.

Slam showoff pic
Slam: the patterned bricks are puzzle bricks and need to be hit in the right order for maximum points

There’s a lot of depth in Slam, and we have 100 fiendish levels designed. There’s co-operative and competitive multiplayer too:

Slam showoff pic 2
Slam: Competitive multiplayer

While we’re now back in our “day job” of consultancy, we’re still looking for someone to pick up Slam. We’re in talks with various publishers, and we think Slam would make a great game on any platform, though we’ve initially targeted it at Xbox 360.

Slam showoff pic 3
Slam: Blasting through a stack of bricks with the laser powerup

For more details, head on over to the Slam website.

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Posted at 10:00:00 BST on 23rd April 2008.

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