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This weekend I enjoyed a friend’s stag party. Kinda scared me into realising that I haven’t thus far decided on whether I should have one myself — as I’m getting married later this year…

The thing about stag parties is that they’re fantastically fun – unless you’re the groom-to-be and you have any sense of dignity at all!

This weekend I went to my old friend Simon D’Cruz’‘s stag do in Birmingham. It was an utterly successful and enjoyable event, containing all the right ingredients — alcohol, old friends, alcohol, humiliation of the stag, more alcohol, bowling, booze and of course naked ladies.

Being the Internet age, before the hangover had cleared Simon’s wedding web site already had the stag journal and photos. Though I note Simon has somewhat edited the evening’s activities; suspiciously neglecting to mention the particular night club we visited, nor the sheer number of ladies who were paid to cavort for his enjoyment!

So far, my own wedding plans are somewhat behind schedule; Ness and I plan on marrying late this year in Cyprus. That’s about as far as we’ve got though; really need to pull our fingers out. That also means the tricky decision of who should be best man; and indeed should I even have a best man/stag party. Initially I thought not — Ness and I are deliberately not going for much in the way of tradition — but more recently I was thinking I should. Seeing poor Simon wandering around bars in Birmingham dressed in a tasteless blue dress and wig however makes me think twice!

On balance, I think I’ll go for it — it’s a necessary life experience I think. Also having read the excellent book Influence recently, I recognise that humiliation and general hardship to become a member of a ‘club’ strengthens the bond between members — so perhaps I won’t really be a true ‘married man’ unless I go through the ritual! Kinda like a gang initiation ceremony, I suppose!

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Posted at 15:40:00 GMT on 17th January 2005.

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