A belated Happy New Year

Happy New Year! Last month I didn’t write an entry, mainly as I planned to do one at Christmas but ended up ill with a nasty bout of flu for nearly a week.

This year was to be our first ever home alone for Christmas; just the three of us. As it turned out it was a very lonely day for Ness as both William I slept for most of it leaving her to cook dinner by herself. She didn’t even get a real present from me as I hadn’t been shopping before I was struck down.

New Year was great though, spent at our friends’ house. Once the kids were in bed we opened the wine and had (for us) quite a boozey night.

I’m looking forward to what 2009 brings, in terms of watching William grow up, my job and what Ness and I decide on for the future. Ness has about 5 months of maternity leave left — we need to work out what happens when that runs out.

Whatever happens this year, it should be fun!

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Posted at 23:15:00 GMT on 7th January 2009.

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