CppCon 2019 Trip Report

I’m on my way back from the 2019 CppCon conference and my head is buzzing with ideas! What an amazing experience!

The venue

This was the first year CppCon was based out of a new venue, the Gaylord Rockies in Aurora, Colorado. First up: the Gaylord is huge! It was clear we had outgrown the previous venue in Bellevue, but there’s plenty of room to expand at the new venue. This changed the feel of the conference a little: I literally didn’t leave the hotel from Sunday evening through to Friday evening.

Most of the attendees also stayed in the hotel, which meant more opportunities to bump into other attendees. Food was good, but not exceptional, but, boy it was expensive! They know they have a captive audience!

There was a beautiful pool and slide…but I didn’t think to pack any swimming gear. I arrived a couple of days before the conference and locked myself in my hotel room to finish my slide decks anyway…

The keynotes

The keynotes were all brilliant, and all are already up on YouTube so you can check them out there. Briefly:

The best of the rest

There were so many to choose from at each timeslot it was very hard not to suffer from Fear Of Missing Out! Here’s some random thoughts on some of the talks I attended:

There were many other great talks too; these are just the first few that I had notes to hand as I write this on the plane on the way back to Chicago.

My talks

I was really pleased with how my talks went. I had a lot of comments on my path tracer talk, and I’ll be blogging about it (with some follow-up investigations) over the next few weeks.

The slides:


Conferences are a fantastic place to learn new things. Often things you didn’t know that you didn’t know. They’re also a place to strengthen relationships between disparate groups of the community, meet new friends, and put faces to Twitter handles. CppCon is absolutely the best conference for C++: if you can only get to one conference a year, make CppCon 2020 a priority!

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