IncludeManager - a #include graph visualiser

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graph]It’s been a while since ProFactor have had such an exciting announcement but today I’m pleased to say we can change that: We’re very proud to announce our next product, IncludeManager!

IncludeManager is a sophisticated #include graphing package for Visual Studio, allowing you to keep tabs on your C++ dependency graphs, find elusive build bottlenecks and much more. It plugs into the Visual Studio IDE and updates in real time as you edit your code, drawing an attractive graph of how the physical design of your code is layed out.

There’s much more information over at the IncludeManager product page where it’s also possible to sign up to be a beta tester. We anticipate a full release in the next month or so.

I’m so excited, it’s such a cool product to have been working on, and I’m so glad we can finally announce it!

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Posted at 09:05:00 BST on 23rd August 2006.

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