IncludeManager released!

After a bit of a mammoth last-minute rush to get everything ready, ProFactor finally released IncludeManager last night! It’s been a bit of a slog to get everything together, but we’re really proud of what we’ve achieved on it. It’s already getting people talking, which is fantastic. At only £21.95 (ex VAT) we think it’s a bargain!

We thank all our beta testers for their help. Beta testing was a bit of a new idea for ProFactor — on StyleManager we only tested internally and with a few close friends before release, but this time around we announced IncludeManager first and offered beta sign ups first. We’re very pleased with the number of early adopters and their feedback was incredibly important in the latter stages of development, allowing to focus on the parts that really mattered. Things like the zooming behaviour and the ability to collapse nodes were on our to-do list, but our beta testers’ feedback made us re-prioritise them.

Now we ‘only’ have to work out a decent marketing campaign. We’re convinced IncludeManager’s a good product with plenty of appeal to programmers who want to untangle their header files but we need to work out how to reach them. Currently we advertise on Google and we post announcements on some code forums, but I have a gut feeling this time we’ll need to go for something more than that. Perhaps print-media advertising in Dr. Dobbs or an advertisement direct with one of the larger programming sites (like CodeProject or similar).

However people find out about it, the free 14-day trial should be enough to convince anybody that it’s a product worth buying!

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Posted at 08:41:37 BST on 19th September 2006.

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