8:40pm 11th November

It’s going to be another early night tonight. We’re both knackered, though this time not from some ungodly physical activity. Last night we got chatting to the couple staying in the adjacent camper van, and before we knew it we were two bottles of wine down and staggering with John and Joy to get some more booze! We had a great night, they were such good fun, but we paid for it this morning!

Earlier yesterday we drove to Dunedin, which is a large city. Unlike Invercargill it has plenty of charm, and we enjoyed a few hours of wandering around and taking the place in (and no small amount of photos too.) We also took the opportunity to book ourselves in at our next few attractions.

Today we visited Lanarch Castle (“New Zealand’s only castle”) — more of a stately home in the style of a castle than a true castle, mind. Beautiful views over the Dunedin bay, and stunning gardens. Plenty more photos taken!

After that we popped into the Penguin Place — a penguin sanctuary with a series of hides where you can view the yellow-eyed penguins that nest there up close. They’re really cute — I’m sure my sister’ll be very jealous!

We’ve just arrived at today’s camp stop: Moeraki. Tomorrow we go to visit the unusual boulders that line the beaches here — should be another camera-fest. Thank goodness we brought the laptop; we’ve taken nearly 3000 photos already!

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Posted at 23:24:40 GMT on 11th November 2006.

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