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A quick one this. At the weekend I was playing around using LDAP as the backend for my home Samba PDC. LDAP should in theory make everything that much nicer, with nice tools to manage the domain and integration in Thunderbird etc as an email address book and all that. It’s also nicely interoperable with the PAM login modules, so single-sign on is, well, a bit nicer.

I mostly followed a tutorial I found on the web, and then I got stuck. Right after I got everything working I found I had no users or groups being given out by Samba, either via net groupmap list or via the Windows User Manager. I spent literally hours googling and finding nothing. Eventually, with the source in hand and with an enormous amount of debug , I tracked the problem.

Far from being a problem in Samba or the LDAP tools, there was a minor discrepancy between the smbldap-tools setup and the samba LDAP setup. Smbldap- tools was storing groups and users in “ou=Group” and “ou=People” respectively. Samba was configured to read them from “ou=Groups” and “ou=Users” instead.

Once I had poked samba into looking into “Group” and “People”, all was well! So, if you have a problem adding groups, or an empty samba groupmap list, double check your smbldap.conf and smb.conf and make sure they’re looking in the same place! Running in debug, net groupmap list will have a line like:

ldapsam_setsamgrent: 0 entries in the base

— that’ll be a clear giveaway. Especially if

ldapsearch -x "(&(objectClass=sambaDomain)(sambaDomainName=*YOURDOMAIN*))"


ldapsearch -x "(objectclass=sambaGroupMapping)"

still yield results — so you know you have some valid data, just it isn’t appearing in Samba’s group lists.

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Posted at 09:26:58 BST on 17th April 2007.

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