An update to Miracle

Again I find my blog has fallen into disrepair due to lack of updates…but I have my excuses!

Firstly, I’ve been incredibly busy at work, continuing to enjoy learning lots about how trading systems work. I’ve ended up travelling quite a lot to our satellite office in Greenwich, Connecticut too, which eats into my time.

I’ve also moved house since the last update, now living opposite Lake Michigan in the town of Winnetka. Ness, the boys and I are all really enjoying our new suburban living. Both boys have had birthdays too — Isaac is now 1, and William is 3.

So anyway, to the other time sink in my life: Miracle. Since the last update I’ve added a lot of bug fixes, optimized it a load, integrated a debugger (complete with persistent labelling of memory addresses), and most importantly of all, have added early sound support.

It requires an up-to-date browser (bleeding edge Chrome, for example), and probably needs you to fiddle with enabling alpha settings (see here), but you can now enjoy Sonic with sound!

Take it for a spin here, or check the code out on Github.

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Posted at 23:30:30 BST on 8th July 2011.

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