Compiler Explorer's new state storage

Hello! As of today’s update, Compiler Explorer now has its own storage solution for when you click “Share” and pick “Short” from the dropdown. We used to store all the state in the URL itself, then we used to shorten it. When Stack Overflow banned, we rewrote URLs to be, where blah was the bit from So, your data was still stored with Google.

That’s all changed! Now short URLs are derived from data stored on the Compiler Explorer website itself. This has some very important changes:

If you have any issues with the new system please get in contact as soon as possible. You can email me, or tweet at me, or direct message me on the Cpplang Slack.

Over the next few weeks we hope to augment this system with further improvements. Watch this space!

As ever, huge thanks to Compiler Explorer’s main developer, RubĂ©n Rincon!

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Posted at 18:00:00 BST on 18th August 2018.

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